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1. Type 2 diabetes kills about six people a minute worldwide and will soon become one of the most ….. health problems in the world.
2. The testimony of forensic scientists has become a trusted component of many civil and criminal cases, as these professionals are concerned not with the outcome of the case but with their objective testimony based ….. on scientific facts.
3. Ancient scholars’ …… was outstanding; give them the name of any country in the world and they'd tell you its capital city and its major exports.
4. When Charles Darwin first published his theory of evolution, a lot of people were offended at his idea that human beings were …… from apes.
5. Whereas modern explorers have all kinds of technical equipment ....... them on their journeys, early ones didn’t even have any maps ...... them the way.
6. When potassium comes into contact with water, it reacts strongly and …… a strong purple light, a lot of heat and hydrogen gas.
7. Ever since the wheel ...... more than 5,000 years ago, people ...... for new ways to travel faster from one point to another.
8. According to Girolamo Fracastoro’s theoryin 1546, epidemic diseases ….. by transferable seedlike entities that ….. infection by direct or indirect contact
9. ….. recent improvements, the world’s forest cover decreases of millions of hectares each year and this has been described as one of the most significant instances of human-induced environmental change.
10. Pain severity is often believed to be the main reason ….. help seeking in people living ….. hip or knee pain.
11. …… widely applied treatment for mental disorders is some form of psychotherapy, which relies on psychological procedures to alter the way a person thinks, feels, or behaves.
12. Fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and gas, will have run out by the year 2050 ….. people start to conserve them now.
13. …… international campaigns to abolish nuclear weapons, nuclear arsenals have decreased over time.
14. Scientists point out that the diversity and dynamism of a community is driven by … physical (climate and weather) …biological (pests, parasites, competition) environmental variations.
15. ….. the Rio Conference in 1992, international efforts to promote sustainable forest management and halt global forest loss have achieved little in the way of concrete results.
16. In Greek mythology, Achilles was born to Peleus and Thetis the Nereid. His mother, (16) …. make her son immortal, held him over a divine fire or in some accounts, the River Styx. (17) …. , the infant was suspended by his heel and so this part of his body remained mortal flesh and (18) …. , this weakness (19) …. Achilles’ downfall. Thetis, knowing that her son was fated to a glorious but short life, sought to hide Achilles away from the world, and so the boy was raised on Skyros with the royal family of Lykomedes, even in some accounts disguised as a girl. Some accounts also credit the hero’s education (20) …. Chiron, the wise centaur who also included Hercules in his roll of pupils.
21. Although there are more than sixty various species of the coffee tree, …… .
22. ……, no one can be sure what will happen to the country in the near future.
23. ….. because it helps to transport calcium across cell membranes to support nerve and muscle function.
24. Nobody knows just how large the universe is. Einstein’s theory of relativity implies that the universe has a definite size, but its limits cannot be seen because space itself is curved and, like the surface of the Earth, has no definite boundaries. Consequently, a ray of light does not go into space and disappear, but instead, returns to its starting point, like an explorer going round the world. Einstein said that our universe is getting bigger all the time. For the distant galaxies seem to be moving away from us, the farthest ones fastest, so that it seems as if the universe is expanding. Some scientists, however, do not believe in the idea of an expanding universe. They are looking for some natural law, at present unknown, which will explain the way the galaxies seem to be moving away from one another.                                                                                  The author tells us that according to Einstein ...... .
25. The basis of Einstein’s theory of the ever- growing universe ...... .
26. We can infer from the passage that some scientists ...... .
27. Doctor: - How long have you been having this pain?            Patient: -It started in June. So for more than five months now. My stomach hurts after some meals, but not always.          Doctor: - …..          Patient: -It comes and goes. Sometimes, I hardly feel anything. Other times, it can remain up to half an hour or more.
28. Beyond the preservation of our health, the value of science to society lies largely in itstechnological by-products.
29. It was fire as much as social organization and stone tools that enabled early big game hunters to encircle the globe and to begin the extermination of selected species.
30. You know that your family budget is very tight these days; however, as it is your birthday next week, you want to put a bug in your father’s ear about your birthday present expectations with a condition by saying:
31. Your desk mate has been miserable since his girlfriend left him for another boy. You know how much he loves her, but you also know that it is better for him to see the bright side. You console him with encouragement rather than approaching sympathetically saying:
32. Matematiksel düşünce tümdengelim yöntemine dayanır çünkü verilen önermelerden mantık yoluyla yeni önermelerin çıkartılması söz konusudur.
33. Stalin'in Sovyetler Birliği'ni fethedilemez yapma tutkusu, proletarya diktatörlüğünü Lenin'in asla kabul etmeyeceği şekilde kişiselleştirmesine yol açtı.
34. Gündelik dilde kısaca Vatikan diye tanımlanan kurum, gerçekte bir kilisenin ve inanç sisteminin değil, bir devletin adıdır.
35. Ünlü tarihçi Halil İnalcık’a göre, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bizans’ı ve İstanbul’u ele geçirince kendisinin Doğu Roma İmparatorluğu’nun tek yasal varisi olduğunu öne sürmüştür.
36. Bir keresinde bilge bir adam, doğa rahat olsaydı, insan mimariyi asla icat etmezdi demişti.
37. Açıkçası, bir şekilde onları gerçekten sevip sevmememizebakılmaksızın bizler ailemizi seçemeyiz, ancak arkadaş seçimimiz bize bağlıdır.
38. The strength and flexibility of most fibres, natural or artificial, result from the shape of their molecules.
39. Dangerous Minds is a touching film which tells the story of aschool teacher who tries to inspire his students to take control of their lives.
40. One of the perennial questions in the philosophy of education centres on who should be educated and how.

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